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Posted on Friday, May 10, 2024

By Elliott Greene

The Houston area is gearing up for a splash this Memorial Day weekend with the grand opening of the region’s first public-access Crystal Lagoon. Named Angel Lagoon, this new aquatic attraction is making waves in Dayton, with a four-acre lagoon centerpiece at 15 River Ranch Blvd. that’s bound to quickly become a summer hotspot for families and fun-seekers alike.

The Lagoon Development Company, helmed by CEO Uri Man, is behind this ambitious project. According to the Houston Chronicle, Man is amped about Angel Lagoon being the first of its kind in the nation, stating, “What’s really unique about this lagoon versus others is it’s the first time you have a lagoon that’s essentially an attraction for the general public, where people can buy memberships and day passes.” The celebration will certainly be in full swing come opening day with everything from food trucks to inflatable water slides, and even a musical performance to kick off the lagoon’s summer concert series.

While visitors can’t dive into the lagoon waters just yet, the plan is to open up for swimming by the end of the summer season, depending on how fast the remaining amenities are constructed and permitted. Still, the grand opening on May 25 has locals clamoring for a peek at the future of outdoor leisure in Dayton, with tickets already sold out according to the Houston Chronicle.

Man has clarified that the wait will be worthwhile, emphasizing Angel Lagoon’s status as a groundbreaking, standalone attraction. “It’s important that the lagoons are strategically located in a way that they complement each other by attracting people from different parts of the Houston market,” Man told the Houston Business Journal. With this new addition, the company aims to strategically cover the west, northwest, northeast, southeast, and south of Greater Houston, ensuring each locale offers a unique draw to different demographics.

The full-scale entertainment district surrounding Angel Lagoon will include a restaurant, beach volleyball courts, and boat docks, to name a few amenities. The project’s construction kicked off last June, marking the start of what expects to be a $35 million venture, with plans for phase two expansion already in motion. As reported by the Houston Business Journal, Man’s vision extends beyond just a summer retreat; phase two might introduce a beach club and an indoor pool, ensuring year-round entertainment.

For now, Houstonians can look forward to a local vacation paradise right in their backyard. With the Crystal Lagoon’s patented technology promising azure waters and sandy shores, Angel Lagoon, managed by the visionary Uri Man, is primed to be the hottest ticket in town this summer.